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Neck Pain and Low Back Pain

I came to Dr. Yu with lower back pain, feet pain, and occasional neck pain. My spine was involved although I wasn’t aware of what was going on with it. I was unable to exercise on my feet, bending and lifting were painful after short periods. I became a couch potato! Dr. Yu has helped my back where I am much looser. I can bend easier and turn side to side and just move more fluidly. I continue to work on my back ad feet and have great confidence that I will continue to improve physically and mentally. I have recommended Watermark Clinic to co-worker and family and I know this is a primary focus on my wellness plan. My story is ongoing!



Low Back Pain

I would like to take a moment to comment on the treatment I have received from you and your staff at Watermark Chiropractic Clinic. When I first came to see you I was very hopeless and depressed about my situation. I had tremendous pain in my lower back and would often feel as if the back of my legs and lower legs were falling asleep. Some days I had trouble just walking without pain. My line of work is very physical in nature and I was beginning to have extreme difficulty performing my day to day tasks.

After my first visit I began to feel a little more hopeful there was a remedy to my situation. When I came to my consultation I could tell that you had looked extensively at my x-rays and felt that you had my wellness in mind when you designed a game plan to relieve me of my symptoms. Because of degenerative disc disease and subluxation of my discs I was having a lot of problems for an otherwise healthy 39 year old.

Through treatment and realignment of my spine and neck you were able to relieve me of all my symptoms and get me back on my feet. I also learned that wellness and general health is the way my body was designed to begin with. As you put it in my orientation class…”good health is my birthright”.  I had never had health and wellness explained to be that way and it has made a difference in all areas of my life. I feel strong and healthy. I am able to work without pain and enjoy life again. My wife and kids certainly noticed I wasn’t agitated and in a bad mood all the time because of pain. I am forever grateful for everything you have done.

I would also like to comment on the courtesy, attentiveness and sincerity I received from your staff members, Julie and Betsy. They were always very positive and seemed happy to see me. I was surprised at how affordable your chiropractic care was, especially since my insurance is not very good. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is in a similar situation as I was.




Hamstring Pain

At the age of 39, I was determined to make some serious life changes and began to exercise on a regular basis.  I determined that I would run a marathon, my first prior to my 40th birthday.  I diligently began my training, racking up over 700 miles in a six month period preparing to run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati, Ohio.  With two weeks to go before the race, the inevitable happened.  I pulled the hamstring in my right leg.  This was unbelievable, as I diligently stretched both before and after my runs.  I was disheartened, as surely this nagging injury couldn’t stop me from attaining the goal I worked so hard to achieve.  In talking with a co-worker who was an experienced runner, he recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Alex Yu, who specializes in ART therapy.  After a brief consultation, Dr. Yu was able to pinpoint the problem in my hamstring and worked to release the knot that developed in my hamstring.  The technique is totally non-evasive and in only two visits completely eliminated the problem.  I was literally back to running again after the first procedure.  I can not say enough about Dr Yu and the ART technique.  I can tell you first hand that without Dr Yu’s help and ART, my first marathon experience may have been a disaster. Instead, I completed my first marathon in 4 hours 19 minutes and had no pain before, during or after the race. Thanks Dr. Yu!



Big Doubts Put to Rest!

When I first came to this office, I had big doubts as to what degree of help I could receive. I am a 63 year old female, still working every day, raising a six year old, and I had to keep going. I was experiencing lower back pain and pain in my hip. My feet had hurt for years, but I KNEW you couldn’t do anything about that.

My life is extremely “busy.” With six kids and two living with me, I didn’t have time to take off and take muscle relaxers and pain pills, so I took a “chance” with chiropractic. I wanted to “sit” in my chair and not move. I quit riding my bike and wasn’t enjoying much of life at the time.

Julie had told me about Dr. Yu and Watermark Chiropractic Clinic. I decide to take a chance. The first time I called, I do believe, that if I hadn’t have been able to get in, I wouldn’t have gone through with it. Dr. Yu’s wife happened to be filling in for Julie that day and got me right in. Once I stepped in that door I was met with kindness and understanding. Betsy calmed most of my fears and after meeting Dr. Yu, I knew I was going to be okay. I still wasn’t sure just how much he could help though.

Dr. Yu took x-rays and made me feel completely comfortable in all situations. After studying the pictures he presented me with a “game-plan.” I took the plunge and how happy I am to say it was a great success. Dr Yu and the staff at Watermark helped me with exercises, nutrition AND pain! I LOVE going, it is like getting a “jump start” to my day.

At one point in my treatment Dr. Yu asked me if I hurt anywhere. I told him that I knew he couldn’t do anything about it, but my feet hurt me more than anything else. He proceeded to work on my feet. I thought I was going to come off of that table, it hurt bad! I had tears and thought maybe he was crazy. But my feet got so much better! After several adjustments on my feet I feel like a new woman! I had been to 3 or 4 foot doctors who wanted to do surgery and I am so thankful that I didn’t!

I have learned how to bend, to lift and to treat my spine with care. I have learned how to eat the right kind of foods and even how to sleep better. I am not perfect and I still have hurts and aches once in a while but I know where to go to get help for them.  I am riding my bike again and working full time. I will ALWAYS take time out of my busy month to stay connected to Watermark Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Yu.



Phantom Limb Pains for an Amputee

On June 30, 2011, my first visit, I was having severe phantom pain in my right leg.  I am an amputee below the knee and had these pains but not as severe.  The x-rays showed that I had lower spine problems.  I did not have back pain but spinal problems were affecting my right leg.

Dr. Yu set me up on a treatment plan and with following the plan the pain was taken care of.

My experience with Dr. Yu and the staff has been great and I would recommend anyone having problems to set up a plan with the Doctor.

Dr. Yu also set up an exercise plan for me and it has helped my balance and makes me feel great!



Shoulders, Hamstrings, Knees, etc…

Last year while training for Ironman Arizona I was plagued with several overuse injuries and general muscle issues.  I was using a coach from another state at the time and my coach recommended ART treatment.  I searched for and found Dr. Yu who took the time to figure out exactly where my problems were and then used ART techniques to erase the issue.

Through out the months and months of training I saw Dr. Yu for Shoulder issues, Hamstring issues, knee issues and calf issues.  Pretty much anytime I had a nagging pain that would prevent me from running, biking or swimming…  I would make an appointment and Dr. Yu would solve the problem.



Couldn’t Even Put Her Shoes On!

I thought it was perfectly normal that my back hurt nearly all the time. I sit at a desk from 8-5, I sit at kids sporting events, sit at schools functions, and when I finally get a break from all of it, I just want to SIT and relax.

The day came when I realized something was seriously wrong. I couldn’t even sit down and put my own shoes on!

Unfortunately I have a high pain tolerance. My spine has probably been out of whack since the 90’s! Seriously! But I never noticed! A twinge here, a pain there…”Ah, it’ll go away!” Well, it didn’t. Not on its own anyway.

I was always a skeptic of chiropractic work because of the stories I heard from friends and family. “I go in, they adjust me, tell me to come back next week. Why can’t they just fix me?” I thought certainly it would be a waste of money, much less my time. But, what else is there? Go to the doctor for pain pills? I think not! So, Dr. Yu to the rescue!

I started my treatment plan hoping for a little relief from the discomfort and, of course, I wanted to be able to put on my own shoes without pain! Little did I know the relief I would get. Or I suppose you could say little did I know the amount of “trouble” my spine was in and how amazingly different I would feel once it was put in its proper place!

My “fix” has certainly been trying at times, some pain, some discomfort, some nagging about exercise! The staff at Watermark make it so much easier and have been exceptional! They go above and beyond no matter what to make you feel like you’re their only concern! Hard to find a doctor and staff who do this! I have changed my mind completely about what chiropractic care is bout. I know it works!

Thanks for being such an awesome doctor and having such amazing staff!



Car Accident Back Pain

Dr. Yu has treated me for post accident whiplash and lower back pain. He has made such a difference in my pain and flexibility. I haven’t felt this good or been this flexible in years! I can say I feel better than before the accident.



Low Back Pain

I had my first appointment with Dr. Yu on August 13, 2012. When I first met with Dr. Yu I was experiencing mid and lower back pain to the extent that it was painful to stand or sit and even to lay down. Basically I hurt all the time.  Dr. Yu set out a game plan for me and expressed to me that if I followed this plan he believed that he could help me. Within a few weeks my pain had decreased greatly. I did the exercises that Dr. Yu showed me and I continue to do them.

Thank you Dr. Yu and your staff. You have exceeded my expectations! I’m very grateful for your personal touch and caring beyond what I came for.

I believe if I continue on with a life change of the exercises you showed me and taking care of myself, as well as continuing with regular adjustments, I can enjoy life without limitations.


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